Decorating an enviable entryway

It's the first space that greets you as you arrive in from work; from doing the shopping; from collecting the kids; from a tough slog at the gym, so your hall or entryway should be a space that welcomes you home and instantly invites you in. 

However, putting together the perfect combination of decorative and functional pieces can often be overwhelming, even for a small space. 

So to help you kick-off your redesign, we've put together a recipe for an enviable entryway. 


It seems like an obvious addition, but an end table or console table is a functional-must in any hallway. You'll need somewhere to pop your post down as you walk in; some where to leave your keys; and of course, somewhere to display your decorative additions (we'll get to these later!).
Your table can be as statement or as minimal as you like, and in fact, it doesn't even need to be a table - a wall hung shelf, an oversized radiator cover or a bench will work great too. 


Because most halls and entryways are small spaces, including a mirror in your design reflects light and creates an illusion of space. The size, shape and design of your mirror completely comes down to personal choice. 
It also allows you to check that your outfit is on point before you leave the house!


Entryway 4.jpg

Whether that means making the most of the space's natural light by removing shielding blinds or curtains from the window, or adding a great lamp or ceiling pendant to illuminate the hallway, adding light is a must - and even better if you can bounce that light off your newly added mirror! Again, most halls and entryways are small, so adding light will also add a sense of space. 


The amount of storage you need will depend on your lifestyle and habits, and whether or not you have alternative storage - perhaps you have an adjacent cloakroom or a cupboard under the stairs - but every entryway needs storage in some capacity. Consider drawers in your console table to store your post, keys, address book etc, and don't overlook a large rattan basket for dumping your shoes into as you kick them off coming in the door. A freestanding or wall mounted hat or coat stand can also be a stylish and functional addition to the space.


Texture can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. It can be added with a rug on the floor, a throw over a stool, cushions on a chair, even a tapestry on a wall. You can also inject some texture by using natural materials in your furniture and storage. The key in any entryway is to find the balance between function and aesthetic. 


Fresh florals and greenery can add so much life to any room - whether it's a single succulent, a leafy pot plant or full bouquet of roses, adding greenery is a must in your entryway. For low maintenance greens, try cacti and succulents or waxed botanical leaves, or cheat altogether and buy some great quality faux-flowers. 


This is where you put your stamp on your entryway! Adding personality can be as simple as adding a framed family picture to your wall or end table, or you can add more subtle hints of your personality through a curated choice of books and magazines, a diffuser with your signature scent or a piece of DIY wall art.

Good luck with your redecorating, and make sure to tag us in any pictures you post inspired by our formula for an enviable entryway. We're @SEhouseandhome on Twitter and Instagram. Links below!