Decluttering The Kitchen

If you're considering a new kitchen, it's hard to know what sort of storage you need for your belongings. Like any of us, you probably have more stuff in your kitchen than you actually need: those plates from Meadow's & Byrne that were on sale 5 years ago that you never really used, or those wine glasses that are so fragile they're not practical, or those cook books you only opened once? Toss them.

After you've decided on the colour scheme of your kitchen: the doors, the counter tops, the backsplash... it's time to de-clutter your existing kitchen!

We like the KonMari method of decluttering (yes, there's actually a method!) where you rid your kitchen of all unnecessary items over a number of days. Categorise the items in your kitchen, and sort out one category per day until you get through it all.

You will need a certain level of ruthlessness. Hold up each item and ask yourself 2 things:

  1. Do I regularly use this?

  2. Does it hold real sentimental value?

We don't suggest you throw out your 'only for special occasions' linen tablecloth that your grandmother gave you as a wedding present, but that patterned polyester cloth you bought in Dunnes in 1999 can probably go.

Here's how the experts in Evoke German Kitchens suggest you categorise the items in your kitchen.

  1. Plates, bowls and dishes

  2. Mugs, cups, glasses and stemware

  3. Cutlery and kitchen utensils

  4. Pots and pans

  5. Clean out the cupboards (the 4 year old tub of cornstarch, the never opened box of jasmine tea etc.)

  6. Empty the fridge

  7. Go through your freezer

  8. Electricals (old sandwich toaster, the unused blender, the leaking kettle)

  9. Kitchen towels, napkins and other table linens

  10. Placemats and table accessories

  11. Tupperware and food-storage containers

  12. Paper cups and napkins, and plastic cutlery.

  13. Miscellaneous items in the bottom drawer (toothpicks, blu-tack, wine corks, and those keys that once belonged to an old bike lock)

  14. Plastic shopping bags (you don't need 23 of them!)

  15. Old and empty cleaning products sprays and sponge

  16. Cookbooks

A few minutes a day for 16 days and you'll have a clutter free kitchen ready to remodel!